How to Install Granite Countertops

How to Install Granite Countertops

Granite isn’t always most effective the toughest material available for countertops; it is also the maximum expensive, with charges beginning at $60 a square foot. Though adding granite countertops to any kitchen can be pretty costly, they remain the premiere desire in lots of new and made over homes. The beauty and warmth offer an aesthetic appeal that can not be located in different countertop substances.

Granite does fee extra than other countertop substances, with the bulk of the price coming from labor costs. Installing granite countertops isn’t a task for the do-it-yourself homeowner, searching for to save money on installation costs. Installation must be left to the professionals who’ve the right education and equipment. However, a homeowner can shop cash on some of the preliminary training and demolition work. Before the procedure of installing granite counter tops can begin, variety tops, the sink and the old counter tops need to be very well removed. The remainder of the installation system need to be left to the professionals.

After the granite counter tops are ordered, an man or woman from the set up enterprise will come to precisely measure the cabinetry and create templates for the installation. At the time the templates are created, the professional must be able to inform you where all of the seams may be. The fewer seams, the better, as regardless of how properly the joint is fitted, instantly lines within the natural stone are very noticeable. At this time they’ll decide if any specialized tools may be required for the sink and variety cutouts.

Prior to the installation, metal rods and plywood could be delivered to the pinnacle of the cabinetry to create a strong, level surface with additional guide for the sink and variety. This is a crucial step, as it prevents the granite slab from breaking at some stage in everyday use. Success of a granite countertop set up includes interest to the varying thickness of a slab.

Although slabs are cautiously cut, there may be high and low spots on the bottom; therefore, leveling is an important step of the instruction method to defend the stone.

Installers will later carry granite slabs that measure approximately four-by-eight ft or four-by-twelve toes and are handiest about three centimeters thick. The slabs can weigh loads of pounds and need to be properly carried to lessen pressure on the slab throughout transport. If the granite isn’t always cautiously laid at the cabinetry, it may crack at a later time throughout regular use.

The slab of granite may be precisely reduce with a diamond tip saw to healthy the templates. The jointing seams can be sealed and the edge may be dealt with to create a smooth, appealing perimeter. The installer can add any asked trim inlays, which include metallic materials or separate warning signs of a solid color. The installer will then observe a penetrating sealer and varnish the surface to a smooth reflective finish.

The installers will note the positioning of electrical outlets, the sink, and the faucets, as the thickness of the granite may additionally alter a number of the system for re-set up of those items. The installers will also be educated to make changes for setting a cook top and re-securing the dishwasher stabilizer brackets with out causing damage to the newly laid granite countertop.

The information required for installing granite countertops requires that this be one job left to the professionals. When well installed, granite countertops are a stunning and precious addition to any domestic kitchen.

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