Great Tips to Choose Countertop Design

Great Tips to Choose Countertop Design

Countertops are a very important part of any domestic. They serve both a realistic and aesthetic feature. But with so many specific selections out there, which countertop material is right for you?

This article affords details about a few of the primary countertop selections to be had, namely:



Granite slabs

Hopefully you’ll locate this information beneficial in figuring out what sort of countertop material is right for your domestic.

Plastic Laminate:

Plastic laminate counter tops have lengthy been associated with the term “Formica”. Formica, however, is simply one emblem of plastic laminate. Three others are Wilsonart, Nevamar and Pionite. You can browse thru the myriad of to be had styles at the respective websites of each company.

Laminate countertops remain a popular choice in presenting long lasting feature and durability and with the extensive array of designs to be had today, you are handiest limited with the aid of your imagination. Featuring versatility, durability and appealing pricing, laminate is often the countertop of choice.

On the flip side, one does need to do not forget that plastic laminate is, to a large degree, made up of, to put it simply, plastic. Therefore ability scratching and scorching are an issue. So, no cutting or putting heat assets at once at the counter tops. Laminate is likewise very difficult if no longer not possible to repair, so any damage will probable require substitute of the countertop.

Two major options exist for the patron that would like laminate countertops:

The first is post shape laminate –

These are pre-fabricated tops you regularly see on the market in pre-determined and synthetic lengths at home improvement stores or at some local countertop shops. The front edge usually has a rolled area and a 4″ incorporated backsplash is included. The seams on those tops are usually located diagonally in the nook where countertop lengths come together. Over time those seams can become quite considerable.

The second type is site hooked up sheet laminate.

With site hooked up laminate an installer (possibly yourself) will convey sheets of laminate (up to 5′ x 12′) on your task and install them over a subtop. The advantage to this gadget is the capability to install a miles larger vicinity without seams and much less substantial seams when they’re nonetheless required. Cost for this kind of counter is oftentimes less than postform as well. The backsplash will now not be incorporated with the countertop and the front facet won’t be rolled. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to have distinct edge remedies along with a wood species to match your cabinets.


Tile is a rather wide category. It consists of merchandise such as ceramic, porcelain, saltillo, and natural stone materials like travertine, slate, and granite. Tile counter tops are an extremely good manner to get the beauty and beauty of a custom counter for a lot much less than its slab counterparts (pun intended).

One grievance many factor to with tile counter tops is the grout strains. Creating an irregular floor and potential dirt lure turn many away from tile counters. However, with tightly spaced grout lines and the use of latex fortified grouts, sealers and darker colours, an awful lot of the trouble may be put behind you.

Extremely long lasting and with an countless array of design options, tile will offer you with years of reliable service.

Slab Countertops:

Stone slab counter tops which includes granite are quarried from dozens of countries around the world. The big selection of naturally occurring colors and veining make it one of the most famous countertop selections at the market.

The sturdiness and longevity of Granite make it perfect for heavily used surfaces. And because of its super strength, granite is also well proper for outside applications.

Granite is a natural stone; therefore, patterns and shades range from slab to slab, and even within a unmarried slab. These herbal variations make certain a uniqueness no longer determined in all herbal stones.

One of the traditional downfalls of a natural granite countertop became its susceptibility to staining due to its porosity. But now, granite products are available with stain safety homes making them even more suitable in ultra-modern homes.

The alternatives are many, but prepared with the proper knowledge, you could make a selection you’ll be thrilled with for years to come.

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